Use your new or existing landline phone number

We provide you a landline phone number that rings straight through to your mobile. Alternatively any land line number you currently have can be brought into our system.

Know it's a business call before you answer

When we forward a call to your mobile we transmit the caller ID of your own number so that when you look at your phone you know it’s a business call.

Divert to multiple phones

You could be in a partnership or you might have someone helping you out, or you could have your own reasons for wanting to divert to multiple numbers. With us you can, we allow you to divert to up to 5 numbers - whoever answers the call first is the one who gets to answer the call.

Set business hours

Set your open and close hours for each day and have calls go straight to voicemail out of hours.

Incoming call greeting

A nice touch is to recording a greeting that gets played as soon as someone calls. Let the caller know who they called and that their call is important to you. The greeting is played instantly, before the call is diverted to you. This is like having your own telephone system.

Out of hours greeting

Like incoming call greetings above but you record a second greeting to be played out of hours, then log in and set your business hours for each day separately Monday through to Sunday. Then decide if you still want to divert the call to your mobile or go straight to our voicemail system.

Free voicemail

Can’t drop what you’re doing to answer the phone? - Not a problem. Our voicemail service is FREE and the recorded message is emailed to you as an MP3. Never pay to listen to missed calls again.

Call logging

After each call, we will send you an email with:

  • The phone number of the person who called you;
  • How long the call lasted;
  • The entire phone conversation recorded as an MP3.

Call menu

Setup a greeting menu with up to 4 options eg. press 1 for sales, press 2 for enquiries etc... The caller must listen to the entire message before making a selection.

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