We contacted divert to mobile because we were unhappy with the quality of our skype divert landline to mobile. Divert to mobile were able to port our number away from skype and since August 2015 we have not had any issues. The quality is excellent and it works every time.

Hello Developers

I am really impressed by this service, I used to have a call answering service but this is a lot cheaper and far better. The greeting makes my business feel professional and the recording means I don't have to pull over to take notes while I'm driving.

Doug's Hire Cars

This is simply brilliant especially the voicemail to email. I never call 101 anymore, I listen to my voicemails as mp3 files and save the ones I need to keep for later.

Complete the task

I used to have an answering machine for when I was out of the office. This is more professional and when I move to a bigger office I don't have to change numbers.

BLA & Associates

I know image is important and some people don't like to call a mobile. This service allows me to never miss a call, keeps me ahead of the competition and saves me time.

Leading Edge Gardening

I have been a customer of Divert To Mobile for a couple of years now and quite simply, I'm not sure how I got on before!


We were using Skype then heard about divert to mobile. We thought we would have to change our phone number but they managed to get it out from Skype. I cant believe it its cheaper than Skype.

Green KP

We land our 1300 number into Divert to Mobile for the flexibility of changing where the calls go to, I love the service and we are saving money.

Diesel Hub

I started using Divert to Mobile to know when people were calling me from my website, but now I use it for the main number for my business.

Amy Nelson Blain

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